Remittance Envelopes

Direct mail fundraising appeals remain a very important source of income for many nonprofit organizations and first impressions are always made by the envelope in any mailing. We provide remittance envelope printing that will increase awareness and response for direct mail fundraising appeals.

Remittance envelopes have a large style flap that is approximately the same size and shape of the envelope itself. They have a large printing surface, with or without perforation for returning information. Used by schools, fundraising organizations, clubs, sports teams, and churches. Donors can provide their information, include their financial support and return the envelope to you.

We produce Remittance Envelopes in the following sizes:

  • #9 Remittance Envelope (3 7/8 x 8 7/8)
  • # 6 ¾ Remittance Envelope (3 5/8 x 6 ½)
  • # 6 ½ Remittance Envelope (3 ½ x 6)

These Donation Envelopes and Collection Envelopes can also be called Cost Cuts or Kostcuts. The primary uses of the Remittance Style Envelopes is for fundraising. We have Design Templates for Remittance Envelopes, Donation Envelopes, Collection Envelopes, and more.

There are Remittance envelope samples of actual customers Remittance Envelopes so you can see what other fundraisers are using to collect donations. We also offer custom Remittance Style envelopes with Perforated Flaps and Drop gum that can be used as a two-way reply envelope. The full flap envelope or remittance style envelope is also available with a longer flap to be used as a self-mailer.